Handling Personal Injury And Workers' Compensation Cases

Based in Encino, the Law Offices of David B. Lupoff represents people in personal injury lawsuits and workers' compensation cases in Los Angeles County and throughout California. Many of the cases the firm handles are for people whose lives have been completely changed by accidents.

Attorney David Lupoff represents people who have experienced catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs or other very serious harm. He understands what clients are going through, and experience has taught him exactly what is involved in preparing their cases for success at trial.

Defense attorneys know David as a litigator with extensive knowledge and an animated and effective style in the courtroom. His reputation for success helps him get the best possible results, whether matters settle or proceed to trial.

A Proven History Of Success

David has a proven history of success as a lawyer. Since 2004, he has helped his clients recover more than $22 million in compensation for their injuries. This compensation helps his clients move forward with their lives. It gives them the resources to pay medical bills and get necessary support.

Taking A Creative And Strategic Approach

As an attorney, David takes a creative and strategic approach to the practice of law. When his clients need him, he takes action to protect their rights. He works directly with them, thoroughly preparing cases for success at trial, even while exploring other means of resolving matters.